Truth or Dare?


          Tell me four good things about yourself.
          Mmmm, four good things about myself… aaa… Adaptation… mmm…. Politeness… aaaaa…mmmm… Generosity…. and Loving you.
          Ok, now tell me four bad things about yourself.
          Adaptation, Politeness, Generosity and Loving you.  

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2 thoughts on “Truth or Dare?”

  1. Four Good Things :
    1) Very Caring
    2) Unable to cheat in my relations
    3) Deeply in love with animals
    4) Generous

    Four Bad Things :
    1) Moody
    2) Nothing makes me Surprised or shock
    3) prefer animals to human beings
    4)Hate girls !

  2. Four Good Things about PASHA:
    1) He hates Dubia
    2) He has great ideas about life
    3) he creates his own rules even in Marriage stuff:))
    4) He is a true Art Lover , very good taste in Music, Books, Movies !!

    Four bad things:
    1) He does not publish anything yet
    2) He does not come to Cafe Kooche Yet
    there is no 3 and 4 YET !

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