Femme fatale

The class was on its fifth day when she entered. un gilet gris and the rest in black; like her eyes, her hair and maybe her heart! Sexy! As sexy as a brunette Marilyn Monroe. From all the available seats she chose the one beside me. The one at the corner of the classroom. I don’t know if this choice was because of our eye contact at his arrival, which lasted for about five seconds, or it was a random choice. The first contact was seductive; Her elbow to my chest!
Salut.” She whispered.
ça va?” I replied.  
… and our story began.
She was indeed sexy enough to make me not to listen to the old teacher. She had tempting curves in those essential body parts. Even her little belly was so aguichant! With her seducing look, she was all naked to me. 
-where are you from?
-I’m Mexican.
-Nice! I love Alejandro González Iñárritu!
-Wow! You know him?!
-Of course, I do. His “Amores Perros” is one of my all-time favourites.
-You even know Amores Perros! That’s amazing. That movie is not even known to cinephiles!
-It’s because I’m more than a cinephile.
-That film is nasty!
-As its name.
And then silence and some furtive looks from both sides. Her breast was breath-taking!  I was telling myself: “Thank God she doesn’t wear a wedding ring.”
The teacher was describing the differences between Quel, Quelle, Quels and Quelles. There was an exercise which we needed to put one of those beside the word “montagne”.  I asked her:
-Is “montagne” feminine or masculine?
-I don’t know.
-I think it’s feminine.  Mountains are more like women.
With a smile, she replied:
-Yeah, they are like boobs!
And then she laughed, bend a little down and showed her cleavage to my hungry eyes.
Wow! Who is this femme fetal?! Is it a joke?! At the very first session of our acquaintance, she is acting like a porn model to me!
I continued to do the exercise and peeping on her.  Suddenly she touched my cheek with her hand and said: “Isn’t it cold here?!”
And that was the second touch! Yes! I was counting them.
I thought, “Ok, either she is a nymphomaniac or fell in love with me; At first sight.” Whatever it was, I wanted to take her to my bed after class!
I asked her if she comes to the afternoon classes.
 “No, I have to go after my daughter.”
Ah! She is a single mom. Hmmm, not a problem for me. As long as she is such a sexy woman who cares how many kids she has!
She continued: “and also I have to prepare lunch for my husband. He is always as hungry as a wolf!”
Fuck! She is married! Where the hell is your damn ring, you bitch!
and these were our last dialogues:
-… you know, it’s so hard. I have to take care of my four-year-old daughter, be entirely at the service of my demanding man. Doing all the housework, and all of them should be done while I’m carrying this second child.
-Pardon me?!
While pointing at her belly, she said:
– I’m four months pregnant. This one is a boy. The due date is gonna be in April. 
   -C’est genial, oui?!
 -Oh! Ouais, Ouais, c’est trop genial!! 

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