Todos lo saben

1-     You see those crazy happy characters on the silver screen, but you know it’s transient, and soon the collapse will be there.
2-     This is total masochism for you to see his movies, and the director’s sadism to make them for you.
3-     Those lonely characters… the evils, the goods, no matter… Those lonely characters.
4-     The music of silence.
5-     Paco, why no women can understand you?
6-     Alejandro, did God really helped you 16 years ago?
7-     People are passing by different things everyday… Only Farhadi can make usual things in your life as remarkable as something that whenever you see them again, you remember his films; Drones! Can you see one of them and don’t think of Irene?!
9-     Nadie lo sabe.   

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