روزمرگی 5 (3)

هميشه دلم می‌​خواست با اون باشم! يعنی بين اون همه، هر وقت اين يکی رو می‌​ديدم دلم هُرررررری می‌ريخت. ولی اصلا اون راه نمی‌​داد! هيچ رقمه! تا اينکه اون پسره اومد و دمش گرم! اول منو نشون داد، بعدش Read more

The Art of Handling Angry Patients 5 (1)

It was said she was the best cardiologist in the town; thus, the crowded waiting room was not unexpected for me.


I was sitting in the waiting room for about one and a half hours. When suddenly an Read more