The Art of Handling Angry Patients

It was said she was the best cardiologist in the town; thus, the crowded waiting room was not unexpected for me.


I was sitting in the waiting room for about one and a half hours. When suddenly an old man left his seat, yelled at the secretary: “I want to see the doctor NOW, and cannot wait anymore.” He was flushed and uncontrolled, throwing the waiting room items. He also broke a picture frame. By his loud voice, the doctor came out of her room with a smile on her face. She put her hand on the shoulder of the mad patient and, while trying to calm him down, dismissed the previous visitor and led the angry patient to her room.
After a while, the volume of the angry man’s voice in the physician’s room reduced and then it vanished until I couldn’t hear him anymore. The patient came out after about fifteen minutes. He seemed relieved and calm. While smiling at the secretary, he paid the visit charge and left the clinic gently.


At that time, I could understand why everybody was pleased with this cardiologist. She was good at her job, knowing how to deal with patients’ souls and alleviate their pains. What else does a patient expect from a doctor?
While I was thinking about the merits of the doctor, the secretary called my turn.


I grabbed my coat, took a deep breath and tried to review my complaints to tell them accurately. I knocked on the door and entered the doctor’s room.


The body of the cardiologist was on her desk in a blood pool. Her throat was slashed through, and a knife was deeply laid in the middle of her chest. Although she was not in this world anymore, a mild smile could be seen in her smashed face.

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