(For Charles Bukowski)
After a long time, finally my room phone rang.
Yesterday Morning.

At 3:32.

It was a familiar number;

Pasha (mobile)

Wanted to test the new answering machine greeting

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5 thoughts on “Intermezzo”

  1. دکی جون، پس چرا ما دیگه این اسم آشنا رو تو فیس‌بوکمون نمی‌بینیم؟ (:

  2. khoobe ke hanooz khodet be khodet zang mizani pasha jan….. :)) kheili ha ro mishnasam ke dige hata khodeshon am answeringeshono test nemikonan….
    Great One by the way… as always
    my favorite blog

  3. Hey Buddy,
    3:32 is not night, its either morning or afternoon. At 3:32 pm you supposed to be at work so I reckon it was 3:32 am, at this time of the day you suppose not to call your landline simply because your neighbours are sleeping PLEASE BE MINDFUL OF OTHERS !!!

    One of your neighbours from down under

  4. گپ و گفت آرام
    کوبیدن مشت بر دندان ها، گونه ها
    هیچ یک ثمری نبخشید
    باقی عمر را باید به گفتن با خویش سر کنی
    دریا هم اگر بوده باشی.

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