So u wanna know what’s my greatest regret in life? Okay; here it is:
“It was half past three in the afternoon when I met her. We were just past the Old Town Square and were enjoying the enormous six-hundred-year-old astronomical clock. My partner asked to stop someplace she could pee. Finding a place was not so hard. All I need to do was just look around and find that fantastic hotel. We entered into the lobby of U Prince Hotel

My girlfriend went to the restroom and I stayed in the lobby. The lobby was small and fashioned with old salvaged wood pieces and burlap fabric. The atmosphere was breathtaking; not because of the decor or the white wine I already had, or those great moments I was experiencing with my pretty partner. It was breathtaking only because of that girl. The tall, brunet, curvy lobby girl I met as soon as we entered the hotel. I looked straight at her left eye. Not in both eyes, not somewhere in her face, I just gazed at her green and bluish left eye. She was looking at me also. Years past and we were looking at each other, nonstop, without blinking. Then my partner came and the girl stopped looking at me, but I couldn’t take my eyes off her. My girlfriend suggested having our lunch at the hotel. She said there is a great view of the city from the rooftop terrace restaurant. Then she went to the irresistible lobby girl and asked her to guide us to the restaurant. The pretty girl followed us to the elevators. She had the best Legs ever!
We finished our lunch, visited another couple of places in the city and headed back to our hotel.”
      So, after twenty-two years I’m here in front of you and you are asking me about my greatest regret in life. Yes. You are my greatest regret in my life. You crazy, chubby, ugly, shallow woman; bearer of two stupid daughters whom I cannot tolerate, even for a second. You with those foolish ideas of things that have killed all the joy and happiness in my life.
    “Yeah; I was sitting there at the corner table of the terrace restaurant and was looking at those orange Lego-shaped buildings while my partner was saying how happy she is with me in this city. The Sauvignon Blanc wine and the eyes of that brunet femme fatale finally forced me to make my decision. I excused myself and told my girl that I needed to wash my hands. I Headed toward the elevator and went down to the lobby and talked with you. Then I joined my girlfriend, we finished our lunch, visited other places in the city and headed back to our hotel. Actually, that lunch was our last supper.  It was the last night I saw her. I left her the very next morning when I received your email. We married three months later. And have lived together since then. I could have avoided all of these miseries if only I hadn’t drunk that Sauvignon Blanc and hadn’t gotten my ass off that chair.”

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