The love luck

– What is this?
– What?
– This. Here. 
– Nothing… Nothing important. Not anymore. Got an appointment on Thursday for removing it.
– It’s printed on your heart. Probably it should be an acronym of your X.
– No. I told you; it’s not important anymore. This is for past sad days. Now it’s considered passed while you are here with me! Now that I have you my love, it doesn’t mean anything anymore. The tattoo girl told me that she will remove it completely.
Thursday, at 11:49, a block away from the most famous tattoo centre in the city, a frozen meat truck hit a man riding a bike.  
When a member of the Emergency medical services wanted to do CPR on the critically injured man, she noticed something on his skin. She opened the guy’s shirt buttons and saw his chest with the three big tattooed letters on it: DNR.

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