Pasha’s Rule #141


How to Make an Intimate Seraglio

Whenever you had simultaneously a crush on two girls who are friends, make your decision tight and only pick one of them (better to choose the one you liked less!). Approach her, start with your favourite pick-up line and try to convince her to see you again and …

If you do not do this and go for the two, you will miss them both. Don’t forget there will be times and opportunities for conquering the second one after hitting the first one.
Remark: This rule is also practicable for more than two friends!
Paiting: Moorish Woman Leaving the Bath in the Seraglio (1854)
by: Theodore Chasseriau

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5 thoughts on “Pasha’s Rule #141”

  1. oh my god

    look at ur rules 🙁

    u are a real BAD BOY im going to hate you soon with these ruls …

    i always told you be with one only ( a right one ) and live comfortable dont bring headache for ur self baby …

  2. bebakhshidaaaaaaaa ama 2ta dadashi che vase ham daste gol mifrestin in Dr rule jadid mide on Dr taeed mikone kolan hamaro …

    lovely brothers

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