Don’t Explain


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2 thoughts on “Don’t Explain”

  1. Songwriters: WAYNE, SID / SPRINGER, PHILIP
    (B. Holiday/A. Herzog, Jr.)

    Covered by: Nina Simone
    Hush now, don't explain
    There ain't nothin' to gain
    Im glad that your back
    don't' explain

    Quiet baby, don't explain
    there is nothing to gain.
    Skip back the lipstick
    don't explain.

    You know that I love you
    and what love endures
    all my thoughts of you
    for I'm so completely yours
    Don't want to hear folks chatter
    cause I know you cheat
    Right n' wrong don't matter
    when your with me my sweet..

    Hush now don't explain
    Don't you know your my joy and your my pain.
    My life is yours love
    don't explain

    All my thoughts of you, for I'm so completely yours.
    I don't want to hear nobody chatter
    cause I know you cheat,
    right n' wrong don't matter
    when your with me my sweet.

    Hush now, don't explain
    your my joy, your my pain
    My life is yours love
    don't explain.

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    سیگارهای این كه " تو آیا بدون من "…؟ سیگارهای این كه " نه هرگز بدون تو "
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